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At Athenix, we are committed to providing our Seattle patients with the most modern, effective body sculpting techniques. We believe that VASER® Liposuction creates smoother, sleeker results. If you are considering having unwanted fat removed, it is important that it is done properly, and that you get the results you envision. The advantages of the VASER® process is that there is typically a faster recovery with less downtime, and smoother, more natural appearing results.

Older liposuction techniques are more invasive, and harder on your body, potentially affecting nerves and blood vessels. The VASER® process is a targeted process that allows our liposuction surgeons to carefully choose the areas to address, rather than a shotgun approach, for more beautiful, sculpted results from your liposuction in Seattle.

Removing Stubborn Fat with Ultrasound

The stubborn fat to be removed is accessed with ultrasound waves that selectively moves fat cells away from the body’s other soft tissues, creating far less damage. The process is far superior to older forms of liposuction that often left the patient with a long recovery period, and lumps and bumps rather than a smoother, sleeker look. The older process meant busy people had a long recovery, which many of our patients just don’t have time for. That’s when VASER® liposuction could be the perfect procedure. Who wants to spend an extended recovery time, and suffer heavy after effects? Take the modern approach and get the most advanced liposuction procedure with help from our Bellevue liposuction specialists at Athenix.

The Advantages of VASER® Liposuction

In almost every case, the procedure is performed only with local anesthetic, in one of our onsite state-of-the-art surgical suites. This more advanced type of liposuction has the following powerful advantages:

  • Targeted removal of fat cells for high definition results.
  • Faster recovery time.
  • Far less invasive than older forms of liposuction.
  • Safer for the patient.
  • Enables natural fat transfer for other procedures.
  • Smoother results.

How our Seattle VASER® Liposuction Works

At Athenix, our medical professional uses the VASER® Liposuction system to remove unwanted fat from stubborn areas by using micro-cannulas, using specialized ultrasound frequencies. Ultrasound waves feel like a gentle, warm touch, selectively moving fat cells away from the body’s tissues. Once the fat is selectively accessed, it will be removed without the severe bruising, bleeding or swelling associated with older liposuction techniques.

Older, traditional liposuction is harder on the body, and has a longer recovery time due to the more aggressive procedure. We want our patients to achieve the high definition, sculpted appearance they envision – but without performing a highly invasive procedure. That is why our medical team has chosen the VASER® liposuction process for unwanted fat removal. Both patient safety and results are our primary concerns in all of our body contouring procedures, and we are always striving to provide the best liposuction Seattle can offer.

Fat Transfer: The Modern Way to Enhance and Shape Your Body

This new VASER® Liposuction also allows for Natural Fat Transfer. With this more advanced form of liposuction, fat cells are not ripped, damaged, and destroyed. They can be processed and purified, and then injected into other areas of the body for safe body enhancements. Areas of the body in which this natural fat can be injected include the breasts, buttocks, face or for plumping the backs of hands for a more youthful, supple appearance.

Recovery Time for VASER® Liposuction: Better and Faster for the Patient

If you have a busy, active lifestyle, as most of our Seattle area patients do, VASER® Liposuction is the better choice in patient safety, results, and reduced recovery time.

The recovery time after your VASER® liposuction in Bellevue will vary from person to person, based upon several factors, including your body’s natural ability to heal, and the number and size of the areas from which the fat has been removed and placed to enhance your shape. For the majority of patients, they can return to work after only just a few days. Many choose to schedule VASER® liposuction on a Friday or Saturday so they can return to work on Monday – it is that much different than former traditional types of liposuction. Find out more about VASER® before you make any decision about removing stubborn fat deposits – you’ll be happy you made the safer, more effective choice of procedures.

Our Athenix Team Goes Above and Beyond

At our Bellevue cosmetic surgery center, we make it a point to go above and beyond in care, service, patient safety, and results. As a body sculpting institute, our focus is on using the most advanced procedures, and we stay current with the latest technologies. Our primary concern is patient safety, and we follow the most stringent safety protocols, including when performing liposuction. Our patients expect outstanding results, and we do everything possible to achieve their aesthetic goals.

Create the Defined, Sculpted Body You Want

There is nothing we enjoy more than helping our patients create the body they envisioned. Amazing outcomes are now possible, particularly with the advanced body sculpting treatments now available. We are proud to provide our patients with the advantages of VASER® liposuction, and of the smoother, better results that the process offers. We stay ahead of the curve, and are always searching for the best surgical and non-surgical methods for body sculpting. Yes, you can change and enhance your natural beauty, and we are here to help. Talk to us about VASER® and get the facts – you deserve the best.

If you are looking for a more sculpted, defined body profile, and a more attractive body form, schedule a free consultation with one of our professional team. We can answer your questions and evaluate your physical condition to determine whether VASER® liposuction or other procedures are right for you. We are determined to achieve a beautiful result, and our medical team is exceptionally talented, with an artist’s eye for beauty and balance.

Call us today to schedule your free consultation at our Bellevue office, or use our handy online form. We look forward to meeting you!

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