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Brazilian Butt Lift Orange County & Irvine

Not everyone is blessed with full, prominent buttocks. Nature may have given you a smaller, flat behind that appears out of proportion with the rest of your body, or you may just want a larger, fuller derriere. A Brazilian butt lift can add volume and the appearance of “lift” by adding fat that has been removed from other areas of your body.

The bottom is one of the first areas of the body to show the signs of aging, and many men and women are dismayed at the effect of aging on their bodies. Fortunately, the Brazilian butt lift, performed at Athenix Body Sculpting Institute in Irvine, can shape, lift, and enhance the rear to achieve a rounder, larger behind with beautiful, natural-looking results.

What Is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

The Brazilian butt lift is a minimally invasive, body sculpting procedure to augment and reshape the buttocks using fat removed from deposits in other areas of the body. This is a great procedure for people who are struggling with stubborn fat deposits. The ideal candidate for this procedure is an individual in good health with sufficient fat deposits in other parts of the body to ensure that enough donor fat is available to create rounded, prominent buttocks.

This is a Natural Fat Transfer process. Our Orange County & Irvine Brazilian butt lift, board certified plastic surgeons, use VASER® Liposuction to gently and selectively harvest fat cells from donor areas, using ultrasound waves and special, slender cannulas (metal tubes for harvesting fat).

Minimally Invasive Procedure

This procedure differs vastly from traditional liposuction in that it is less invasive. The ability to target specific unwanted fat deposits with VASER® Liposuction helps to avoid bleeding, bruising and swelling as the fat is removed without disturbing the nerves and blood vessels in the area. The fat cells are preserved when they are removed, and processed prior to re-injection to augment the buttocks.

After the fat we take from your stubborn fat areas is purified, we then select the best fat donor cells for augmenting and reshaping your buttocks. In many cases, only the best 25% of the purified fat cells are used in this procedure.

Finally, we transfer these high quality, purified fat cells to the buttocks and hips, with multiple injections at various levels, using special, slender cannulas. This process enables our specially-trained Irvine butt lift surgeons to augment, reshape, and sculpt a rounded, larger posterior, with beautiful, natural looking contours.

Safety Is Our Priority at Athenix

Our physicians are body-sculpting artists, board-certified plastic surgeons, innovators, and leaders in the fields of plastic and cosmetic surgery. First and foremost, however, we are health care professionals. Our top priority is to ensure your safety and comfort, and to deliver the results you envision.

The Brazilian butt lift is an appropriate procedure for those with sufficient unwanted fat deposits that can be repositioned into the buttocks. It is minimally invasive and causes minimal discomfort and scarring. Only small incisions are required to create an entry point for fat transfer into the buttocks, so there is little risk involved in the procedure. The fat is easily assimilated, as it is your own, and will function exactly like other fat cells in your body, once stabilized.

Permanent Results with a Brazilian Butt Lift in Orange County

Buttocks enhancement with a Brazilian butt lift can give you beautiful, permanent results. Although some of the fat transferred from stubborn fat deposits will be lost over time, the majority of our patients can expect to permanently retain most of the buttocks volume gained in this procedure. Final results can be seen approximately six months after the surgery.

Fat transferred to the posterior in a Brazilian butt lift behaves essentially the same as fat located in the rest of your body, and it will grow and age with you. If you gain weight, you can expect to see an increase in your buttocks size proportionate to the rest of your body, and the reverse can be expected if you lose weight.

Brazilian Butt Lift Benefits

The Brazilian butt lift body sculpting procedure is becoming increasingly popular at our practice, and for some very good reasons. This minimally invasive procedure provides a number of significant advantages, including:

  • Rounder, lifted buttocks
  • Shapelier hips
  • Curvier body contours
  • Allows for sculpting other areas of the body while augmenting the behind
  • Choice of dramatic or conservative augmentation
  • Safest buttock augmentation method available
  • No chance of rejection of your body’s own fat
  • Dramatic, long lasting enhancement
  • Soft, natural looking and feeling results

Is a Brazilian Butt Lift Right for Me?

If you have small, flat, sagging, or asymmetrical buttocks, the Brazilian butt lift could be the right choice for you. This Natural Fat Transfer procedure can give you a curvier body and a rounder, shapelier, more alluring posterior with less risk, and minimal discomfort and downtime.

At Athenix Body Sculpting Institute in Irvine, we focus our practice on body sculpting techniques, such as the Brazilian butt lift. Call us to schedule a consultation with a skilled Orange County Brazilian butt lift surgeon to find out if this is the right body-transforming procedure for you.

Brazilian Butt Lift – FAQ

What exactly is a Brazilian butt lift?

This is a procedure that addresses flat, sagging, small or asymmetrical buttocks using liposuction to harvest fat cells from the body and transfer the fat cells to the buttocks for a rounder, more lifted look.

Am I a candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

You must be in good health and have enough fat to harvest from one or more areas such as the abdomen, sides, back or thighs.

What if I don’t have enough fat to harvest?

Very slim women can achieve similar results with implants.

How long does a Brazilian Butt Lift last?

For the best chance at long lasting results, you will want to maintain a stable weight after the procedure. About 60% of the fat transfer typically is retained for a lifetime, while the rest is reabsorbed by your body.

What happens during the procedure?

Fat is harvested from predetermined areas. The fat is processed and purified and then injected into the buttocks with multiple microinjections at various depths.

What is the recovery time?

In most cases you can return to work in about two weeks. Swelling can take two months to completely recede. You may be advised to avoid sitting directly on your bottom for two weeks after the procedure.

Are there risks involved?

The Brazilian Butt Lift, when performed properly, has a high success rate with no complications. You will likely experience some degree of bruising, swelling which quickly diminish. Your physician’s skill applying the procedure is a large factor in a complication-free outcome.

What if I gain weight after the procedure?

Weight gain can cause the injected fat cells to grow (along with your other fat cells). Many of our patients are inspired to continue to maintain an ideal weight after undergoing a Brazilian Butt Lift.

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