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Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery News

Staying up to date on cosmetic and plastic surgery news is not only important for Athenix, as the provider, but for you, the patient, as well. We believe it is our responsibility to share our knowledge of current cosmetic and plastic surgery trends, technology and safety. Below you will find our collection of cosmetic and plastic surgery news.

New procedure to help people lose weight adds to the stomach instead of shrinking it


The Gastric Balloon is typically left in the stomach for about six months. That is about how long it would take stomach acids to start breaking down the material. Dr. Ciresi said a rupture is very rare but if it did happen, only the harmless saline solution would be released into the body and then absorbed...

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What is the Recovery Time of Vaser Liposuction?


In the past, liposuction would come with heavy downtime, taking weeks or even months to fully recover from the pain and swelling because of the procedure. However, at Athenix we employ an advanced form of liposuction named VASER Liposuction to significantly reduce the recovery time. With VASER, you can expect to return to your normal routine within a few days, making this...

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Top 3 Body Contouring Procedures


When diet and exercise efforts have been tried, tried again, and then exhausted, it can feel as achieving your dream figure is completely out of reach. However, modern medical technology and micro-body contouring techniques can open the doors that were once blocked by frustration and discouragement. Physicians at Athenix use these top three procedures to sculpt your body’s contours. Micro-Body C...

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Benefits of Tummy Tuck Surgery

Category — TUMMY TUCK

Maybe you’ve lost a lot of weight and that little extra skin is bothering you. Perhaps you’ve just given birth, but your clothes aren’t fitting right. No matter what the reason is, the results of a tummy tuck can be something to look forward to. Tummy Tucks can smooth stubborn skin folds after losing a significant amount of weight, the skin around the abdomen can sag and lose its elasticity. With...

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What Size Breast Implants Are Best for Your Body?


For many women, breast augmentation not only transforms the feminine figure and enhances those shapely curves, but often their self-confidence gets a boost as well. The dissatisfaction with current breast size is one of the main reasons most patients turn to this cosmetic procedure. Choosing the best breast implant size for your body can seem surprisingly overwhelming. A careful consultation with...

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