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What to expect after liposuction

The article below will discuss liposuction results, what to expect after liposuction, and a few factors to consider before moving forward with a cosmetic procedure. Liposuction isn’t without risk and you should carefully evaluate your decision with a qualified physician who specializes in body contouring. Fortunately, new technology allows for a safer experience with a quicker recovery compared to traditional liposuction, so be sure to research and choose a facility that has a staff of dedicated liposuction surgeons who are dedicated to using advanced techniques and technology for a superior experience.

Symptoms After Lipo

With new, less-invasive techniques, you can expect to have minimal swelling and you will even begin to see your lipo results the very next day after your procedure. In the first few days after treatment, you should try to get as much rest as possible, although you can resume light to moderate activities. Most patients can treat soreness with over-the-counter pain medication; however, your surgeon may offer other options, if necessary. It is normal to experience moderate swelling and bruising after liposuction and in some cases this may last up to several weeks.

Lipo Does Not Achieve Weight Loss Results

Results are individual and vary from person to person. Although most people who have had a liposuction procedure are extremely satisfied with their results, liposuction is not without risk. Before a person considers having treatment, he or she should have realistic expectations and not consider liposuction as a replacement for weight loss.

Excessive Fat Removal is Long Term

This treatment removes fat cells in unwanted areas to reshape and contour the body. It can help you achieve a figure that your genetics didn’t allow for. However, you shouldn’t expect to lose a significant number of pounds or inches right away. Although liposuction offers long term results, weight gain may diminish the look of your new curves. After treatment, you should continue to eat healthy and exercise on a regular basis to maintain your desired results.

Follow Up with Your Lipo Surgeon

It is recommended to have a follow up visit the day after your procedure and again within 4 to 6 weeks, to evaluate your liposuction results and answer any additional questions you may have. Although you will see a slimmer body shape immediately, results will continue to improve daily and optimal results may be seen several months after liposuction. When planning a vacation, you should allow 4 to 6 weeks after liposuction to be swimsuit ready. It is also encouraged to wait at least six months before considering a touch-up on an area or if you would like more liposuction done on any additional area.

Exercising Can Resume Shortly

In general, patients return to approximately 25% of their regular exercise routine a week after their procedure and increase intensity and duration over time. Patients are typically back to work within a few days to a couple weeks, simply depending on how much work they are having done. As everyone is unique, it’s important to listen to your body and follow the exercise recommendations as directed by your plastic surgeon.

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At Athenix, Micro-Body Contouring uses both the latest liposuction technology to deliver beautiful results with less downtime. Read more about our advanced body sculpting techniques to learn how Micro Body Contouring offers a safer treatment with less recovery time and superior aesthetic results. Our staff of trained plastic surgeons constantly train themselves to maintain their skills. Allow us to show you more about our lipo advancements and achieve the body you have always desired.

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