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Types of Liposuction

VASER liposuction is a safe, non-invasive procedure that gently removes areas of unwanted fat and sculpts and refines the body’s shape.

Every decision made about undergoing a cosmetic procedure, is unique to an individual’s body, soul, and mind. When choosing to gain a sleeker silhouette through liposuction, it’s exciting to realize that advancements in technology and techniques have paved the way to a less invasive, more advantageous realm, called Micro-Body Contouring. From reduced downtime to minimal bruising, the benefits to this technique are many, and they all revolve around the gentle approach to removing the portions of unwanted fat.

VASER Liposuction

One way Micro-Body Contouring achieves the removal of fat is through VASER liposuction. Compared to traditional liposuction, this process is much tamer on the body and can produce smoother, more refined results to a client’s contours.

Using cutting-edge ultrasound technology, vibrations cause the unwanted fat cells to break apart and disengage. After a liquid emulsification process, a micro cannula is then used to remove the targeted tissues without harming or destroying them. The benefit of this lies in the fact that unharmed fatty tissues can be used for natural fat transfer, enhancing other areas of the body where increased volume is desired. Other advantages to this type of liposuction include:

  • It’s safe
  • Recovery time is quick
  • It’s great for patients with busy lifestyles
  • General anesthesia is not required

Power Assisted Lipo

Another type of liposuction is power assisted lipo, or PAL. Here, a small incision is made over the removal area. A specialized cannula is then inserted and rapidly vibrates, causing the fat tissues to break up. Lastly, the portions or fat are vacuumed, or suctioned out.


SmartLipo eliminates unwanted fat through laser-assisted technology. The fat is liquefied by the laser energy and then removed through a selected process, such as draining or suctioning. Downsides to this liposuction option include the risk of severely burning the patient’s skin and the inability to use unharmed fat cells for natural fat transfer.

VASER Liposuction Stands Out Among the Rest

When exercising and dieting attempts have failed to trim down problem areas, many people turn to liposuction to refine their figures. With all the advantages advanced technology has given us, liposuction does not have to be harsh or extensive to achieve toned and sleek contour.

Micro-Body Contouring with VASER Liposuction shines a bright light on minimally-invasive methods of removing unwanted fat. If you have questions or you would like to schedule a free consultation, Athenix can help you determine which type of liposuction is right for your body type. If you are looking for the simplest possible solution, then our physicians can help you.

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