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Gastric Balloon Story

Patty N.

Gastric Balloon Story

Patty N.

Kirkland, Washington
I saw a TV commercial and decided to give Athenix a call.

I had been struggling with weight issues and previous medical conditions; I was in pain and wanted a little boost to get back on track. After my consultation, I knew it was what I needed and I decided to schedule my procedure that day. I had thought about other options like the gastric band, but I also heard about the side effects. I wanted to get results in a safe environment and liked the idea of something non-surgical.

My balloon was placed a few weeks after my consult and they helped me with financing, answered all my questions, and helped me so much.

The first week was the hardest; pretty much the first three days. I went back to the office for fluids and after that, I was back to normal.

I am a stress eater – and I couldn't keep eating even if I wanted.

Before I had the balloon, I ate everything I felt like eating and it wasn’t what my body needed. With not being able to lose weight previously and now working with my nutritionist, I have learned so much. I feel full without craving things my body doesn’t need. I'm on a high protein, nutrient-dense diet. Now I get full faster. The balloon has given me a new outlook. What I eat and how I eat - my foods changed my weight loss journey.

It makes me plan ahead of time. I ask where we’re going and check the menu before I leave the house. I plan ahead. I ask, ‘Will this meet my goals? How will this affect me?’

After I started the balloon and was feeling better, I actually started working out and now I’m back in the gym doing weight and cardio training. I feel lighter and have a great routine. I never used to drink much water – now I am drinking more and actually crave it! Not forcing myself!

Today, I feel like I still have a little way to go, but I have plans on the move already. I committed to starting with a personal trainer and plan to keep this diet. I have a plan in place to maintain, not gain. I want to build muscle, not just focus on numbers on the scale.

There’s a gift the balloon has given me… I had a back condition; my weight put pressure on my back and it was very painful. Now, I am in much less pain than before the balloon was placed and I don’t need to take any medications! The weight loss has helped me with that obstacle. I wasn’t able to work out, I could barely move and now I am more flexible and I am able to work out!

I was very unmotivated and I never saw weight loss - the balloon has helped me a lot. It has given me the motivation to ask questions, look for help, and don’t forget my renewed self-esteem! I am now able to take control of my life again and live every day without pain. I feel healthy without obligation of having to do it. I don’t crave crazy stuff anymore!

At first, it might seem like just a balloon - it's not a big change. However, it’s very empowering what a little balloon can do for your life.

It's incredible what a little amount of time can do. How much energy I have now with a clean diet. The advantage it has given me on a new life. I’m just so happy.

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