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Gastric Balloon Story

Jon S.

Gig Harbor, Washington
I was over 265 pounds. I was eating for six people… and basically feeling like total crap!

My wife and I have utilized every diet and meal plan known to man, including being grandfathered into Jenny Craig’s Gold Membership, NutriSystems, Weight Watchers, and the Mediterranean Diet.

I was diagnosed with Metabolic Syndrome and over the years my weight ballooned up significantly. I was over 265 pounds, despite going to the YMCA three times a week for weight training in addition to doing cardio. I was eating for six people, eating way too fast, and basically feeling like total crap! Despite my exercise efforts, I was not losing any weight and I became very discouraged.

My wife discovered Athenix and she made an appointment. During the appointment, I learned about the Gastric Balloon and really wanted to give it a try. My way of thinking was if I could get my weight off and continue to exercise the same regimen I was before the procedure, I would be successful at keeping the weight off long term.

My primary reason for choosing the gastric balloon was the non-invasive nature of the procedure versus stapling, lap band, or rerouting my intestines. It is by far the safest and easiest procedure for safe rapid weight loss.

[Before the balloon], I was taking 20mg of blood pressure medication and am now taking only 5mg. I no longer have to sleep with my c-pap machine and have successfully lost 45 pounds in three months. To my surprise, I had no idea how much the impact of my weight was affecting my health. I am hoping to be able to completely discontinue my cholesterol medication very soon.

I am so excited and thrilled to be a participant of the Orbera Gastric Balloon and only wish I had discovered this years ago. It is without a doubt the very best and safest weight loss system ever. The detailed information that Athenix provides, along with the medications to help that initial adjustment time is extremely thorough and helpful. One simply could not ask for a more outstanding organization in taking the best care of their clients! Plus, the bonus of my nutritionist for the entire 12 months is incredible. It really helps tremendously to touch base with her every month and ensure I am on track.

Thank you and Athenix!!!

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