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Liposuction Story


Liposuction Story


Madera, California
Almond Farmer
Upper Abdomen, Lower Abdomen, Flanks/Sides, Lateral Back
We’re very active.

I am a farmer of a 38-acre almond orchard and I spend a lot of time maintaining the orchard, especially in the summer and early fall. It’s hard work; we are very busy. We have a boat and we spend a lot of time on the river. I have like 150 bikinis, and if I can’t fit into any of those it’s a really bad thing.

I’m 48 and didn’t like the way I looked in the mirror; I had just been wanting to do it. Just looking at myself in the mirror naked just made me want to make a few adjustments. When I have my clothes on it doesn’t bother me as much, especially in the winter. But, when the spring and summer starts to come, you’re like, “Oh, no, what am I going to do to get rid of this really fast.”

We researched the Doctors at Athenix

I did a lot of research on the internet about the doctors and felt very confident about my decision. I was really happy with my consultation. They explained everything and they were very thorough. Everybody in there is so nice. I decided to do my upper and lower abs and my hips – just around the front and back of my belly.

The whole procedure was very calming

For the procedure, everything went very smoothly. Everybody was so great, and the whole procedure was very calming. I really adored my doctor. He called me beautiful every time he saw me, and it just makes you feel really comfortable. There were no complications. I followed their directions very strictly and emerged from the procedure with gorgeous new contours.

I feel confident now – absolutely confident.

I can fit back into my clothes, so I didn’t have to go buy a new wardrobe. But, the most important thing to me was how I feel when I am sitting next to my boyfriend. He doesn’t say anything, nor does he care how I look. I did it for me. Before, I’d be covering my belly because I’d be sitting and there would be rolls. I don’t have that anymore. That’s a huge thing for me. To cover myself up in front of the love of my life was not comfortable.

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