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Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Story


Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Story


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Breast Augmentation, Thigh Lift, Tummy Tuck

Christina before at 270 lbs, and after, at 123 lbs

I initially wanted to lose weight just due to how miserable I felt.

In 1995, I weighed 270lbs; I gasped for air trying to climb stairs, I couldn’t fit behind booths at restaurants or sit in movie seats, and I was so ashamed of how I looked that I’d completely avoid photos and get angry with anyone who tried to point a camera at me.

My initial weight loss of about 115 pounds from 1996 to 1998 through gastric bypass was such a relief and such an improvement from how I used to look that I was happy with that for a long time. My weight fluctuated up and down about 20 pounds, but I wouldn’t get any higher than about 165 before I’d decide I needed to diet and exercise for fear of ever letting my weight get out of control again.

I decided it was time to push for my goals.

It was really hitting 40 years old and evaluating whether or not I had really accomplished what I felt to be reasonable for my age that got me motivated to want more. I decided it was time to push for my goals, in education, career and health. I enrolled in martial arts classes and found that I really enjoyed it; I’d had trouble sticking with prior exercise regimens for more than a few months because I’d think they were boring or get burned out.

The more confidence I gained in my appearance the more I was unhappy with problem areas of loose skin.

I was able to get down to about 134 pounds with regular exercise and eating healthy, but the more confidence I gained in my appearance the more I was unhappy with problem areas of loose skin. I didn’t want noticeable scars from surgery, so I decided a combination of minor procedures and trying to fill out loose skin with muscle through weight lifting was going to be my best shot at achieving results. I had surgery in December 2014 and found a bodybuilding challenge to enter that started just a few weeks later.

I’m very happy with the results I’ve been able to achieve.

My current weight is 123 pounds. My regular activities are doing kickboxing and jiu jitsu 3 to 5 days a week and weight lift [several] days a week as well. I work full time and I’m married with 3 children.

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