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You know that there are types of breast augmentations that involve implants - either silicone or saline. But do you know about the breast augmentation that does not use implants? Natural breast augmentation is a type of procedure that can give you larger breasts, without the need for a foreign body to be implanted. This procedure is also known as fat transfer breast augmentation.

During natural breast augmentation, we use your own fat to create an increase in size, and improvement in the shape, of your natural breasts. At Athenix we are well-experienced in breast augmentation with implants, as well as the more minimally invasive procedure of natural breast augmentation using your own fat.

Overview FAQs for natural breast augmentation

What exactly is natural breast augmentation?

Natural breast augmentation is a procedure where our surgeons give you largest breasts without any type of foreign implanted material. Instead, we harvest fat from another part of your body and use that fat to increase your breast size. This type of procedure is a win-win for many people - it allows us to use liposuction to remove fat from an area of the body that you’d like slimmed down, and allows us to give you more breast volume at the same time.

What are the benefits of natural breast augmentation?

One benefit of natural breast augmentation is that you can have larger breasts without having a foreign body implanted. For some people, this is an important consideration. If you do not have any foreign object put inside your body, you have a smaller chance of infection and no chance of a ruptured implant. Another benefit of natural breast augmentation is that this augmentation is basically scarless, since the fat is placed by injection only. Additionally, since we do not need to make incisions to place the fat, we are often able to use a lighter form of anesthesia. This is a benefit because procedures that involve general anesthesia often mean it’s a longer time before the patient can return home. In most cases we do not need to use general anesthesia with natural breast augmentation, so patients can usually go home more quickly. You can also reasonably expect to return to your normal daily activities faster with natural breast augmentation, compared to with surgical implants.


What are the disadvantages of natural breast augmentation?

If someone wants a large increase in breast size, this is generally not the best fit for natural breast augmentation. When we use fat transfer to increase the size of the breasts, it is reasonable to expect a 1-cup increase in size. If you are hoping for a larger increase, you may be better able to reach your goals with saline or silicone implants.

Where will you take the fat from, if I have natural breast augmentation?

Most often we take fat from the thighs, abdominal area, or butt. We will work with you to determine what area would be most beneficial if you want to have breast augmentation with fat transfer.

What happens to the fat before you use it for natural breast augmentation?

After we remove the fat from the area of your choosing - using our liposuction techniques - we then process the fat. Our process turns the fat into a liquid that is more conducive for injecting into the breasts. This process also makes sure the fat cells are clean and well-prepped for the procedure. We are then ready to place the tiny drops of liquid fat into your breasts.


Common Patient FAQs about natural breast augmentation

Am I a good candidate for fat transfer breast augmentation?

The best way to decide if natural breast augmentation is a good fit, is to come in for a consultation. In general, good natural breast augmentation candidates are:

  • In good overall health
  • Non-smokers
  • Want a small to moderate increase in breast size or,
  • Have asymmetry or an irregularity in breast shape
  • Realistic about the expected results from this procedure

What is the cost of natural breast augmentation vs breast augmentation with implants?

In general, natural breast augmentation may cost somewhat more than augmentation with implants. The reason for the greater cost is that the natural breast augmentation procedure also includes the cost of the liposuction we perform to remove fat. Each case is different, however, so please contact us for more detailed pricing.

I’ve heard that some of the transferred fat could be absorbed back into my body, reducing the size of my augmentation. Is this true?

Yes, you can expect that some of the fat cells we place in your breasts will be absorbed by the body. Many patients have reabsorption of about 20 - 40% of the injected fat. We account for this when we work with you to decide how much fat to inject. It is important not to expect that the way you look right after surgery, is your final result. In addition to some amount of loss of the fat we inject, you will also have a reduction in swelling as you heal. The way you look right after the procedure is not an accurate gauge of your final breast appearance. We will work with you closely so that you have a good understanding of the expected size your breasts will be, after healing from natural breast augmentation.


What is the recovery like after fat transfer breast augmentation?

Most patients find the recovery after natural breast augmentation is quite tolerable. People who have sedentary jobs, like office workers, are often back to work in about 3 or 4 days. Those who have more physical jobs may want to take a week off before they’re healed enough to resume activities. You will have some swelling and discomfort from the procedure, but in general the recovery is easier than recovery from breast implants.

In addition to your breasts healing, there will be a recovery process from the liposuction procedure that begins the fat transfer process. Often times, recovering from liposuction takes longer than recovering from the breast augmentation. You may have moderate swelling and discomfort where we removed fat. Depending on what location the fat was taken from, we may give you a compression garment to wear while you heal. However, we generally do not ask you to wear a compression garment over your breasts, because we do not want to compress the newly augmented breast tissue.

Will my activities be restricted after natural breast augmentation?

After natural breast augmentation, we will ask you to limit some types of activity for a few weeks while you heal. You’ll be able to do most of your daily activities, but should avoid sleeping on your stomach and vigorous exercise like running or lifting. Any discomfort in your breasts should decrease within the first week after the procedure. However, the fat donation site (where we perform liposuction) may be sore for a few weeks. This can be the limiting factor in how quickly you return to more intense activities like sports or lifting your kids.

Natural breast augmentation using fat transfer can be a great option for people who want a moderate increase in breast size, or those looking to correct asymmetry or irregularities in their breast shape. We would be happy to answer any questions you have, so please contact us if you’d like to learn more about how this option may help you improve your body shape and self-confidence.

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