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Why Get A Mommy Makeover?

Motherhood comes with many, many joys and challenges. One of the least mentioned is the physical damage to the body. Countless women struggle with extensive changes in body shape and firmness that no diet or exercise can resolve, including:

  • Stretched skin
  • Saggy tummy
  • Split tummy muscles
  • Saggy or deflated looking breasts
  • Excess fat on thighs, buttocks and abdomen
  • Enlarged nipples, lower on breasts

What is a Mommy Makeover?

This term mommy makeover was developed to describe a set of procedures, each of which restores a specific body area. Each person is different and suffers unique aesthetic problems. The beauty of a mommy makeover in Orange County is that it is a custom procedure, geared to treat the woman individually.

Our mommy makeover could include any of the following surgical or non-surgical procedures:

  • Stretch mark treatment
  • Tummy tuck
  • Breast lift
  • Breast augmentation
  • Breast reduction
  • Body sculpting
  • Micro body contouring

Am I a Candidate for a Mommy Makeover?

If you are in good health, at a healthy weight, and do not have any serious medical problems, and want to restore your pre-baby body, you are probably a good candidate for a mommy makeover.

Only a private consultation at Athenix will allow us to make a decision about performing the procedure, what it entails, and whether it is a healthy option for you.

Why Should I Choose Athenix?

When undergoing a cosmetic procedure, the quality and experience of your board-certified plastic surgeon is a critical point. At Athenix, we have gathered together some of the most talented plastic surgeons to serve our patients.

With a fully accredited surgical center in Irvine, our surgeons and cosmetic surgeons have the qualifications and experience to achieve exceptional results. Every patient has different needs, a different body, and a unique vision for what she wants to achieve.

We listen, we understand, and we craft a tailored mommy makeover treatment plan to address the various body issues of the individual person.

Recovery: What to Expect After a Mommy Makeover

Your recovery time will be based upon the number of procedures performed in your mommy makeover in Orange County. Some patients may only require non-surgical body contouring, while others will need surgery to correct loosened muscles, skin, and tissue on the abdomen.

Those requiring surgery to tighten abdominal muscles and remove excess loose skin should plan on two to three weeks off work, although some patients feel well enough to return sooner.

It is vital that you plan for enough time to rest and recover from your mommy makeover surgery, and arrange for a friend or family member to stay with you for the first week. This is particularly important if you have young children in the home, as you will be restricted from lifting and bending so your incisions heal smoothly and correctly.

While these procedures require time for incisions to heal, our patients tell us it is well worth the few weeks of recovery – their lives are changed, with their confidence in body image restored.

Mommy Makeover FAQ

Will I have scars after a mommy makeover?

If you need a surgical procedure, it will include incisions to remove excess skin or tighten loose or split abdominal muscles. At Athenix, our board-certified surgeons use the most advanced surgical techniques to limit the size of the incisions.

They are placed in areas of the body that are hidden even the most revealing clothing, and over time will fade. We carefully monitor our patients during recovery, along with ensuring incisions are healing smoothly and correctly for more beautiful outcomes.

Can I have a non-surgical mommy makeover?

Many women do not require surgery. As a leading body contouring clinic, at Athenix we offer the most advanced body contouring procedures, including Vaser Liposuction, Velashape cellulite treatments, and Venus Legacy, along with other custom body contouring options to restore a firmer, more sculpted look. The first step is a private consultation to determine what treatments will be most effective in restoring your pre-baby body.

Can I have more children after a mommy makeover?

If you require a tummy tuck to restore the firm, taut abdomen you had prior to having children, it is advised that you have the procedure when you are finished having children. Another pregnancy would like once again stretch your abdominal muscles and skin, and the sculpted look you achieved could be affected.

Can I have a mommy makeover if I don’t have children?

Many women struggle with body issues they would like to resolve, including those who have never had children. If you would like to reshape and recontour your body, whether you have had children or not, our team of highly-skilled professionals at Athenix can help.

As a premier body contouring clinic, we offer the latest generation of treatments, both surgical and non-surgical, to recontour the body and create the figure that you envision.

How do I plan for a mommy makeover?

If your mommy makeover will involve surgery, you need to plan for enough time off work to recover. For a tummy tuck, you will need two to three weeks off, and some may require a little longer.

For breast augmentation, reduction, or a breast lift, the typical amount of time needed is about ten days to two weeks. If you have had multiple procedures, set aside about three weeks for your recovery.

Some women are ready to return to work sooner, as each person heals at a different rate. To speed recovery, ensure you carefully follow the aftercare instructions we provide to you.

What should I expect in my consultation at Athenix?

To determine how to best restore your pre-pregnancy body, we will first evaluate the various body areas that have been impacted. If you have saggy, loose breasts, excess skin, fat, and tissue on your abdomen, stretch marks, or other problems that leave you feeling less confident, we will be able to determine what procedures will be most effective.

We will also talk with you about your personal concerns, answer your questions, and ensure you are safe to undergo a surgical procedure with a review of your medical history. We focus on patient safety and health in all procedures, whether surgical or non-surgical, and use the most advanced technology in our surgical center.

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I hope that you and your families have stayed healthy and well during this difficult time. We want to thank all of the essential workers that provided us with critical services during this period and also to all of you that remained at home preventing the further spread of the virus.

As we re-open our facilities our priority remains the safety and well being of our patients and staff. To that end, we have implemented a number of important safety measures at all of our facilities.

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We understand that these continue to be uncertain and difficult times however we remain committed to your health, well being, safety, and ensuring you the best outcome possible.

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