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Kathy Ross

Kathy Ross


Kathy has extensive experience in the healthcare field, with over twenty-six years in a variety of roles including managing, operating room procedures, and developing an accredited bariatric program. Her past involvement and understanding of plastic and cosmetic surgery led her to work alongside both physicians and patients looking to remove the abundant loose skin after significant weight loss.

Being a weight loss patient herself, Kathy forged a new bariatric program for Evergreen Hospital. Plastic surgery after massive weight loss has become widely more common and accepted, and the need for this type of treatment continues to expand with everchanging technology. Kathy grew her previous program and has now taken her expertise in this area along with her to Athenix Body Sculpting Institute.

Kathy has been with Athenix for over three years and has been instrumental in over-exceeding industry standards, business goals and training employees of new surgical centers. She has created an amazing clinical team in Bellevue with the focus on excellent patient care and is excited to develop new ideas for making each patient’s experience even brighter.

When she is not at work, you can always find her whipping up the newest recipe she has created or spending fun times with her kids and grandkids.

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