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What Size Breast Implants Are Best for Your Body?

For many women, breast augmentation not only transforms the feminine figure and enhances those shapely curves, but often their self-confidence  gets a boost as well. The dissatisfaction with current breast size is one of the main reasons most patients turn to this cosmetic procedure. Choosing the best breast implant size for your body can seem surprisingly overwhelming.

A careful consultation with an Athenix plastic surgeon, will help make this decision clearer and far less daunting.  Before meeting with a breast surgeon, here are three important things you should consider to help uncover what size breast implants are right for you.

#1) Lifestyle Considerations

If you lead a very physically active lifestyle, it doesn’t mean you should rule breast augmentation out. However, you should take into consideration that large breast implants may affect comfort levels or place limitations on physical activities.

Large breast implants may not suit your body type as well as smaller implants, especially if you are regularly engaged in sports, running, and exercising.

#2) Factor in Your Body Proportions

Every person is unique, with different proportions. This plays a big part when selecting which implant size is right for you. Our physicians pay special attention to your body measurements to ensure the best results possible.

Body Factors to Consider:

  • Height
  • Shoulder & Hip Width
  • Current Breast Tissue
  • Weight
  • Body Frame

When looking at specific proportions, remember that a breast implant of a certain size will appear entirely different on a shorter woman with a petite frame than on a taller woman with a larger frame.

#3) Forget About Bra Sizes

A common misconception for many patients is that they will simply come in and tell their plastic surgeon that they would like to be a “C” cup, a “D” cup, and so on. Not only are bras manufactured differently, but this comparison is not always accurate. Breast implants are not measured by bra size, but instead by volume in cubic centimeters (CCs).

Sizing sessions can help to direct the focus and determine the best size for your body, with the most natural appearance and the look you love.

Speak to a Specialist for Your Breast Augmentation

In terms of  breast implant size, choosing what works for you is undeniably important. It is also much easier and effective with the expertise of an experienced cosmetic surgeon. Athenix body specialists give great attention to reviewing a patient’s options and evaluating their specific anatomy, in order to produce the best results for each procedure. Contact our breast augmentation specialists in Bellevue, Fresno, Irvine, Pasadena or Portland for a consultation today!

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