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Is Liposuction Long Term?

For patients in Orange County, liposuction offers long term fat removal. Once Athenix Body Sculpting Institute removes fat cells from specific trouble-spots, you shouldn’t grow more in these areas unless you gain a significant amount of weight.

During your liposuction surgery, our doctors use meticulous care to sculpt a more attractive silhouette. The improved contours they create are long term, and these trouble-spots shouldn’t present problems in the future if you follow your doctor’s recommendations.

Weight Gain in Liposuction Patients

Your body only has a certain number of fat cells, and liposuction eliminates treated cells for good. However, it is possible for the remaining cells to become larger or smaller with weight fluctuation.

If you gain a small amount of weight after liposuction, it should not affect the treatment area, but the fat will need to go somewhere. As a result, you may see this fat collect elsewhere in your body.

It is also possible for new fat cells to develop with significant weight gain. If you do not maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise routine, you may see an increase in fat throughout your body, just as you would if you gained a lot of weight without having liposuction.

Maintaining the Long-Term Benefits of Liposuction

Athenix employs advanced surgical techniques and recommends healthy living to achieve and maintain great-looking results.

We employ VASER® and Body-Jet® technology for Orange County liposuction patients. These approaches allow us to target fat more precisely while preserving the surrounding tissue. For you, this means a shorter and more comfortable recovery as well as a smoother appearance in the treatment area.

To keep these benefits, we advise patients to follow a program of diet and exercise. For most people, this means basic physical activity that is suitable for their age, weight, and health, and it includes a well-balanced and nutritious caloric intake. Each patient is different, and we can make a recommendation that is tailored to your individual needs.

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