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How Does Micro Body Contouring Work?

With summertime swiftly approaching, the desire for a beach-ready bod commonly washes over many people like a wave to the shore. One way to achieve this improved look is through micro-body contouring. Safer than certain forms of liposuction, this procedure sculpts the body by removing fat in a swift, less invasive way. Here’s a look at info and facts about this advanced technique. See just how it gets bodies ready for the summer season with the latest and greatest technology.

The Micro-Body Contouring Procedure

Micro-body contouring works to remove small sections of fat in various areas, to refine the shape of the figure. Through different techniques, this unwanted fat is removed, retaining the body’s contours even after a post-surgery weight gain.

A form of this procedure is called Vaser liposuction. In this advanced approach, local anesthesia is used and fat is removed by ultrasound technology and micro cannulas. What sets this technique apart is the swift downtime and lack of negative after effects like excessive bruising and swelling. Because fat is dislodged and the cells are not destroyed, Vaser liposuction also provides an open door for natural fat transfer to other areas of the body.

Benefits of Micro-Body Contouring

This procedure is ideal for busy people who don’t have a lot of time available for recovery. The fact that this procedure is not a major surgery translates to shortened downtime. It also is best suited for those close to their ideal weight but desiring a touch of refinement.

Micro-Body Contouring is a:

  • Safe and quick procedure
  • Producer of immediate results
  • Procedure requiring little downtime

Refining Your Figure at Athenix

If you a longing to hit the sand this summer with a more sculpted physique, the specialists at Athenix can help to make that happen. Our skilled surgeons and liposuction experts specialize in body-sculpting and apply the most advanced techniques for optimal results. Contact us today for a free micro-body contouring consultation in Bellevue, Fresno, Irvine, Pasadena or Portland.

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