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Body Sculpting Institute

Plastic Surgery for Men

Beauty is for everyone and that is why at Athenix, plastic surgery is not only for women, but men too. Athenix offers micro –body contouring, VASER liposuction and breast reduction procedures for men. Please refer to the links blow to learn more about plastic surgery for men.

Body Sculpting Institute | Plastic Surgery for Men

Micro-Body Contouring for Men

  • Body contouring specialists
  • Sculpt away stubborn fat
  • Single treatment, permanent results

This type of body sculpting has a number of advantages including enabling your surgeon to have greater sculpting accuracy, causing less swelling for faster recovery. At Athenix, our body sculpting techniques enable better, more immediate results and minimize your downtime and discomfort during and...

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Body Sculpting Institute | Plastic Surgery for Men

VASER® Liposuction for Men

  • Superior Technology
  • Body Contouring Specialists
  • Safe, Less Invasive

How Liposuction for Men Works VASER® Liposuction uses small micro-cannulas along with ultrasound frequencies to safely remove fat from stubborn areas. The ultrasound waves selectively dislodge fat cells away from the body’s soft tissue so that our physicians can gently suction those fat cells out...

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Body Sculpting Institute | Plastic Surgery for Men

Male Breast Reduction

  • Remove your shirt with confidence
  • Immediate Results
  • Single treatment, permanent

How a Male Breast Reduction Works Our doctors use VASER or Body-Jet water-assisted liposuction systems to gently remove excess fat in a single treatment. Instead of the sharp instruments and aggressive suctioning of traditional liposuction, The VASER ultrasound assisted liposuction system uses...

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