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Natural Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Natural Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Many women have stubborn areas of fat that will not disappear, no matter how much they diet and exercise. Natural Breast Augmentation can take this stubborn fat and put it to good use — where you want it. Instead of artificial implants, this revolutionary treatment option offers safer, more natural looking and feeling results.

  • Breast enlargement without synthetic, foreign implants
  • Increase breast size while removing fat from problem areas
  • Larger, natural looking and feeling breasts
Natural Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

A natural fat transfer breast augmentation begins with Micro-Body Contouring.

Your cosmetic surgeon will use the VASER® or Body-Jet liposuction assisted system to gently remove excess fatty tissue from your selected areas that will then be used to enhance the size of your breasts through a breast augmentation process.

Because your own body’s fat cells are used, there is less chance of infection, rupture or scarring and you will achieve a softer, smoother and more natural-looking appearance, with less risk than using breast augmentation implants.

This advanced, less-invasive procedure is done without anesthesia because it does not require large skin incisions. That means you can return to your normal routine faster, but looking even better.

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