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Breast Revision

Reclaim your body.

Women who have undergone breast surgery in the past cannot always predict the future. On occasion, breast implants may need revising for a variety of reasons. Many women wish to change the size of their breasts over time and need to exchange the volume or profile of their implants. Another reason breast revision might be necessary may be a fluctuation in weight or skin’s elasticity due to becoming pregnant or breast-feeding. Previously, breast implants had a shelf-life and needed replacing after ten or more years. With today’s technology implants could last you up to a lifetime; however, you should consult with a doctor to learn more about implant safety and your body. A consultation is the easiest way to get more information about your unique situation and see if a breast revision may help you achieve your desired results.

  • Restore you feminine figure
  • Balance proportions
  • Replace old implants
Breast Revision

When is breast revision needed?

  • Shift of implant
  • Tightening of scar tissue around implant
  • Ruptured or leaking implant
  • Change of implant size
  • Dissatisfaction with original breast implant surgery
  • Change of shape due to weight fluctuation
  • Implant exceeding lifespan

What to Expect during a Breast Revision

Your breast revision will most likely be done using a general anesthesia and may take up to a few hours. After your procedure, you may be instructed to avoid heavy lifting and get lots of rest. Downtime for a breast revision varies by the individual; however you should plan for at least a week before going back to work or normal activities.

Don’t settle.

You shouldn’t have to feel like you have to make-do with an undesired figure. At Athenix, our physicians will work directly with you to try to achieve your ideal shape and breast size. There are options and we can help you get the exact profile and proportions that will make you happy for a lifetime. Call us today to learn more.

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