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Breast Augmentation Recovery

From the moment you opt for the procedure to your surgery day, breast augmentation is a journey. Goals must be assessed, implant type selected, and the details of your surgery outlined. Recovering from your procedure is no different. Some bruising, pain and swelling is expected, but taking the proper post-surgery steps will ease your breast augmentation recovery.

At Athenix Body, we make it a point to guide you through this process, ensuring that your treatment and recovery is as comfortable as possible.

Leaving the Surgical Center After Your Breast Augmentation

Every patient comes out of surgery differently and it is normal to remain groggy for some time following your procedure. Your plastic surgeon will evaluate your vitals and determine whether you are safe to head home to recuperate. You may experience some pain and will not be able to drive, so it’s important to have transportation arrangements beforehand.

Returning Home from Breast Augmentation

Upon returning home, you must get adequate rest in order for your body to recover. During this time, your breasts may feel swollen and hard to the touch. They may appear to be unnaturally round and tight, and the areolas may feel sore or numb. Rest assured, this is part of the healing process and will subside with time and rest.

These symptoms can cause discomfort, which is why you should avoid excessive movement of your chest and arms during recovery. These symptoms will persist for some time, but over-the-counter pain medication may alleviate some discomfort. Check with your physician if this is an option.  

Adhere to Your Breast Augmentation Recover Plan

While you are recovering from a breast augmentation at home, you must follow the aftercare instructions provided by your surgeon for the best results. You should attend your scheduled post-operative appointments so that your recovery can be closely monitored.

Avoid any activities outlined by the surgeon. Taking time off from work and avoiding strenuous exercise or heavy lifting is also recommended. You should be able to return to your normal activities within a couple weeks.

Seeking Medical Help

It’s important that you contact your surgeon as soon as possible if you experience excessive pain or any unexpected symptoms. Potential warning signs may include the following:


Excessive pain in your breasts

High fever

Intense burning in your breasts

A discharge from your wounds

Surgery Results

Results can be seen immediately, as added fullness, proportion and symmetry of your breasts is evident following the procedure. As the breast augmentation recovery process continues, swelling will subside and the visual results will progressively improve. Eventually your breasts will begin to feel and look more natural. The breast tissue and muscles will stretch to provide support for the implants to sit comfortably on your chest.

We’re Here to Guide you Through Your Breast Augmentation Recovery

By understanding the recovery process, you will know what to expect after your surgery and how to deal with the new changes in your body.

At Athenix Body, our experienced plastic surgeons take the time to understand your goals and customize your treatment accordingly. Schedule your consultation and we will help guide you through the breast augmentation recovery process, as well as inform you on the best available treatment options.

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