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Non-invasive liposuction

Smoother curves, without surgery

For some bodies, surgical procedures are not always the answer. Athenix offers VelaShape®, the only FDA cleared device for reducing the appearance of cellulite, for our patients that want a smoother, more toned body.

  • Shape and smooth your body with no downtime
  • First and only non-surgical, FDA approved treatment for body reshaping
  • No surgery, just results
Non-invasive liposuction

By treating both the deeper tissue and upper layers of the skin, VelaShape® cellulite treatment minimizes the size of the actual fat cells to produce long-lasting results without the risks or side effects of surgery. This non-invasive body sculpting and cellulite treatment is the first and only safe, effective, and virtually painless treatment for body reshaping and cellulite. Most patients see gradual results throughout treatment with best results after six to eight sessions.

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