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Micro-body contouring: benefits, risks & results

In the search for a less invasive take on traditional liposuction, Micro-Body Contouring offers itself as a superior method of gently and smoothly sculpting the contours of a client’s figure. At Athenix Body Institute, our specialists use advanced technology and the latest techniques such as VASER liposuction, to remove areas of stubborn body fat that even diet and exercise cannot wipe out.

What Are the Benefits?

The main focus of Micro-Body Contouring is to achieve pleasing results all while being a pleasant experience. Not only does it transform the body’s silhouette, but it also provides these advantages to each patient:

  • It’s safe: with FDA approved techniques and fully trained surgeons
  • There’s no major surgery: a single treatment without the need for general anesthesia
  • Reduced recovery time: patients typically require minimal to no downtime and can return to activities and work in mere days

Treatment with the use of VASER lipo brings another benefit to the table. By gently dislodging the unwanted fat cells, soft tissues are left unharmed. What this means for patients is that they can take advantage of this technique and use it in conjunction with natural fat transfer to add volume to certain areas of the body, naturally and effectively.

Are There Risks?

From the simplest cosmetic surgery to the most complex, there are risks. Although safety and attention to detail are a high standard at Athenix, potential risks may occur. However rare in their occurrence, each patient should understand that these complications can exist, so that they can proceed with their treatment with a sense of awareness and clarity.

Some examples of possible risks and side effects of Micro-Body Contouring are swelling, bruising, blood clotting, and an anesthesia allergies. To help reduce the temporary swelling compression belts can be worn, and to help patients stay informed and confident about their treatment, a thorough review of risks will be covered in an individual’s pre-op visit. As per the American Society of Plastic Surgeons to avoid such risks, patients must speak with their plastic surgeon about their medical history to establish that they are in good health prior to cosmetic surgery.

Smoother Body Results

The aesthetic results can speak for themselves. Before & after photos show the artistically chiselled body contours that Athenix has produced. What the photos don’t evidently reveal, is the positive impact on emotional confidence and self image.

After removing stubborn fat, patients may enjoy a newfound sense of self and increased satisfaction in their appearance. Buying new clothes may be fun again and a new, fresh lifestyle may follow this body transformation.

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How you feel about your body can ultimately impact how you feel about yourself. Micro-Body Contouring can enhance your silhouette and refine your figure without the harsh effects of traditional liposuction. For more information or to take advantage of other minimally invasive procedures at Athenix, contact our body sculpting specialists or call us at 888-276-1535.

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