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Gastric Balloon Story

David D.

Gastric Balloon Story

David D.

Irvine, California
“Do it. It worked for me!”

Athenix patient, David, from Orange County shares a few statements about his experience with the Gastric Balloon. He has had tremendous success and tells us that the program gave him the tools, knowledge, and motivation he needed to get the results he was hoping for.

“I accompanied my wife, who was at Athenix for a different procedure when I discovered the Gastric Balloon. It just made sense. It was an alternative to surgery”

David mentions that his biggest struggle before the balloon was portions and proper portion control. He is diabetic and had high blood pressure and knew he needed to change his habits. He states, “The procedure enabled me to lower my A1C back to normal and lower my blood pressure.”

David has lost 40 pounds with the help of the gastric balloon and says, “I’ve been able to control my portions and I feel GREAT!”

When we asked him, ‘What advice would you give others considering this procedure?’ David replied, “Do it. It worked for me!”

He also says, “My nutritionist was a huge part of my success. She helped me make the right food choices. She’s amazing.”

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