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Body Lift

Regain Your Confidence.

After significant weight loss, your body may be left with an abundance of loose sagging skin. This may not only be uncomfortable, but also hard to realize the body you’ve worked so hard for, which lies underneath it all. During your body sculpting/body lift procedure, you will regain your curves and smaller frame you’ve been so determined to achieve. Hard work does pay off – and an Athenix body lift can help with the details the gym never will.

  • Regain your curves
  • Lose sagging skin
  • Get your younger body back
Body Lift

Custom Tailored Body Lift.

As with all of our procedures, we custom tailor your body lift treatment plan to get you the best results possible. Every person’s body is unique and specific in their anatomy, just like that of a body sculpting/body lift procedure. We will discuss what types of results we can achieve for you during your consultation, and plan your procedure in detail to get your most desired outcome. You deserve the body you’ve been dreaming about.

What can a Body Lift do for me?

  • Remove excess loose skin
  • Tighten sagging skin
  • Create a more proportionate figure
  • Get rid of a hanging belly
  • Correct the problematic chafing and skin irritation

What to Expect from a Body Lift

A body sculpting/body lift procedure takes several hours in length and is performed under a general anesthesia in our state-of-the-art ambulatory surgical facility located on site at Athenix. Your procedure may be broken down into several steps and planned over the course of several weeks to ensure your body has enough time to heal and to achieve the best results possible. Recovery time typically takes a few weeks although you will be returning for periodic follow-up visits on a routine basis.

Our medical staff will provide you with pain medication as necessary and will instruct you in how to properly care for your incisions. We will discuss scar placement, downtime, and have all of your questions answered and during your evaluation to make sure a body lift is the best option for your individual situation. To see how Athenix can help you get your ideal body back, call today to schedule a body lift consultation.

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During your consultation we will assess and determine which procedure will produce the best results for your specific issue.
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