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Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Story


Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Story


Covington, Washington
Independent Stylist
Abdomen, Waist, Sides, Hips, Thighs
Working in retail, I was always on the move…

My work schedule was all over the place and when I wasn't working, I was driving an hour to see my boyfriend on my days off. When I decided to quit my job and move, even though my eating habits improved, I wasn't as active since I wasn't on my feet 8 hours a day.

I knew that my exercise and meal plan I was following wasn't enough.

I started with a personal trainer a few months later because I noticed my clothes fitting differently. Then, I noticed it in my face. It was puffy and I didn't look good in any pictures. It was quite depressing. I knew that my exercise and meal plan I was following wasn't enough. My mom had always told me when I got older it was going to be harder to keep my weight down, and BOY was she right!

When I first heard about Athenix…

I honestly thought it was just another clinic that did liposuction. I had heard so many horror stories about liposuction that I didn't even pay much attention. Then, I heard the term 'Micro-Body Contouring' and listened a little closer. "Problem areas that won't go away with diet and exercise?”... “Back on your feet within a few days!"... That was totally me and I couldn't believe the downtime was so little! I wanted to see if I would be a good candidate for this.

I had put on almost 20 pounds since I had quit my full time job.

Weighing in at 206 pounds at 5'10", [I thought] I am 29, WAY too young for this! I knew I had made the right decision by calling Athenix and couldn't wait to see how they could help me.

Now that I am 6 weeks post-op, I feel SO much better! Not just physically, but mentally. Sure I was nervous before going into surgery, but the fact that I have no more muffin top and my jackets aren't stretched across my back is the most amazing feeling in the world! I am having fun getting ready again; no outfit is off limits!

My advice to anyone that is thinking about calling Athenix is to DO IT!!

The consultation was so informative and I had nothing to lose by going. This is the best decision I have ever made for myself, I have even thought about returning to do the other two areas on my body I'm unhappy with. I've always loved to share a good thing, and this is the BEST thing! I can't thank the Athenix Doctors and staff enough for how they have made me feel!

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