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Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Story


Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Story


Clovis, California
Medical Consultant
Upper Abdomen, Lower Abdomen, Outer thighs, Lateral Back, Face and Breast
I am constantly on the go.

I am married, work part-time, and am very busy with three children:
a 15-year-old, a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old. We’re very socially active people, so it’s always go-go-go. I had been busy doing everything else but really taking care of myself.

Over the past five to six years I slowly started putting on weight.

No matter what I did I just couldn’t get rid of that extra padding right around the midsection. I found myself at the beginning of this year looking at myself, saying, “What happened here?”

I did a lot of areas at once.

I did a lot of areas at once. I had Micro-Body Contouring to my tummy, flanks, hips, bra strap area and outer thighs, and I also had Natural Fat Transfer to my breasts and my face. Which is, I think, kind of remarkable, because I don’t think if I had traditional liposuction I could have had all of that done all at once.

I saw immediate results.

During the day of the procedure I was a little bit nervous, but excited. The surgical staff was fantastic. The girls in the room were wonderful. If I felt any type of discomfort they would stop and make sure I was comfortable. The procedure went by just like that, and that night I went home. The next day I woke up and I couldn’t believe the difference in my waist – I saw immediate results. The areas that had been so hard to get rid of were gone.

No one even knew I had this done.

The next day I was up and doing things around the house. After the procedure I had areas of tenderness but it didn’t stop me from my regular life activities. 
No one even knew I had this done.

This was life changing.

I’m extremely happy with my results. This was life-changing. I feel more positive about myself. I can wear clothes more comfortably so I don’t have that stress before I go out or when I get dressed. It’s really given me a mental kick-start to continue to work out, eat right and keep this up. Once I did it I could not believe overnight seeing a body that I haven’t seen in years. It was incredible. It is something I would definitely do again, and it made a big difference. It’s finally given me that chance to get back in shape again when thought I never could.

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