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Breasts play an important role in a woman’s overall feminine appeal. Full, round, youthful breasts are attractive and appealing. Not only does size matter, but also shape, symmetry and bust-to-waist ratio. Fortunately, women today have options if they are unhappy with the size, shape, or appearance of their breasts. Our breast augmentation is performed by top breast specialists, who are talented in a range of breast enhancement procedures, and can advise you about the various options we provide at our practice.

At Athenix Body Sculpting Institute, our plastic surgeons perform a range of breast augmentation procedures for body enhancement and balance. We custom tailor a breast enhancement procedure that is right for your unique anatomy, and your personal goals for breast size and shape. Some women want a dramatic change, with large, full, rounded breasts, while others are want to have a more conservative size, and come to us because they are unhappy about having small breasts. Our skilled surgeons have helped thousands of women achieve beautiful, natural looking breasts. We invite you to view some of our results in our Before & After photo gallery.

Why Have a Breast Augmentation Procedure?

Women choose breast augmentation for a number of reasons. Some women were never happy with what nature gave them. Others have lost the lovely breasts they once had due to weight loss, pregnancy, breast feeding, or aging.

Our top plastic surgeons, board-certified in plastic surgery, use cutting-edge techniques to safely correct cosmetic flaws and restore feminine curves:

  • Small breasts: Many small breasted women would much rather have larger, fuller breasts. If you are one of those women, our board-certified plastic surgeons can perform a breast augmentation procedure with saline or silicone gel-filled breast implants or Natural Fat Transfer to give you the full, natural looking breasts you have always wanted.
  • Drooping, sagging breasts: It can be very distressing when weight loss, pregnancy, breastfeeding, or aging cause once lovely, firm breast tissue to droop and sag. Our surgeons can perform a custom tailored breast lift procedure to lift and tighten the breasts. We can combine the breast lift with saline or silicone gel implants for women who also want fuller breasts.
  • Asymmetrical breasts: Many women’s breasts differ slightly in size, but when the difference is noticeable, it can make a woman self-conscious about her body. By augmenting the smaller breast or reducing the larger breast, our board-certified cosmetic surgeons can make both breasts the same size to create a more balanced, beautiful bust.
  • Implant replacement: Breast implants are designed to be durable, but older implants can fail. When implants develop ruptures, it is necessary to replace them. In some cases, women replace older implants in favor of a more natural look and feel with new silicone gel implants. With newer implants, more shapes and sizes are available, and our talented plastic surgeons can not only replace older implants, but will rejuvenate the breasts to create a natural looking, lovely bust.

Breast Augmentation Options

Beautiful, full breasts that look and feel natural can enhance a woman’s appearance and raise her self-esteem. Women who want larger, fuller breasts have options at Athenix. The first choice you and your surgeon will make is the type of breast augmentation:

Breast Implant Types

Saline or Silicone Gel-Filled Implants: As no two bodies are alike, we custom tailor each breast implant procedure to fit each patient's specific anatomy and desired results. Options to consider in customizing a breast implant procedure include the type of implant (saline or silicone gel), placement of the implant (under or over the muscle), location of the incision, and the size, shape, and profile of the implant. The best place to start is to schedule a free consultation with a plastic surgeon in our Pasadena facility. Our surgeon will discuss your treatment goals and concerns, evaluate your breasts and your anatomy, and create a breast implant procedure specifically for you.

With the safety of our patients as our primary concern, we use Natrelle® saline and silicone gel implants. Natrelle® silicone gel-filled breast implants are among the most intensively studied FDA-approved medical devices. In hundreds of peer-reviewed studies, researchers have found no basis for health concerns with silicone gel implants. These implants feel like natural breast tissue, both soft and supple.

Natural Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation: Natural Fat Transfer is a minimally invasive procedure that can be used to augment the breasts. The procedure incorporates micro body contouring, to give you a more sculpted body as well as larger, fuller, shapelier breasts. As it does not require any large incisions, Natural Fat Transfer breast augmentation can be done without general anesthesia for a faster recovery and less downtime.

Your surgeon will use VASER® or Body-Jet water-assisted liposuction to gently remove excess fatty tissue from selected areas of your body. Your own fat cells are then used to enhance the size and shape of your breasts. Natural Fat Transfer can achieve a softer, smoother, more natural looking appearance, and involves less risk as it uses your own fat, easily accepted by your body.

Breast Implant Warranty

Our breast implant patients are automatically enrolled in the ConfidencePlus® warranty program at no cost because we use NATRELLE™ style saline and silicone filled breast implants. This warranty program provides:

  • Lifetime product replacement
  • Saline and silicone gel-filled breast implants covered
  • 10 years guaranteed financial assistance
  • Up to $1,200 to cover out-of-pocket expenses for surgical fees, operating room, and anesthesia
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Breast Augmentation Incisions

The size and location of the incision for your breast augmentation depends on the type of implant you and your surgeon have determined will best produce the desired result.

Because natural fat transfer breast augmentation does not require the insertion of an implant, there is no actual incision. Your own fat cells will be injected into the breast with a hollow needle, called a “cannula,” to achieve the desired increased fullness and improved breast shape.

The Types of Incisions

There are four types of incisions.

  • Periareolar: Around the areola where the darker skin of areola and the lighter skin of the breast meet (no visible scars)
  • Inframammary: In the crease below the breast, where the breast connects with the chest (minor scarring covered by breast tissue)
  • Transaxillary: Next to the fold of the armpit (virtually invisible)
  • Transumbilical (TUBA): Through the navel (virtually invisible)

However, the size of the incision is more dependent upon the type of implant than on where the implant will be placed. Saline implants make it possible to place the implant prior to filling for a smaller incision and some flexibility in size.

Silicone implants are pre-filled and are available in many sizes and shapes. The incision must be large enough to accommodate the size of the implant being placed in breast augmentation.

Saline implants are inflatable, and prior to insertion are rolled for easy placement. Once placed, the implant is filled with saline solution, and requires a much smaller incision. This is the only type of implant that can be used with in a TUBA incision (through the navel).

Post-operative Recovery

You should expect to minimize physical activity for three to seven days. Both the length of needed downtime and achieving a full recovery will be based upon:

  • Location of the incision.
  • Implant size.
  • Whether the implant was placed above or below the pectoral muscle.
  • The patient’s individual ability to heal.

The time away from work and any aerobic exercise for submuscular placement or an inframammary incision is usually a week.

Subglandular placement generally requires only two to three days away from work.

Four Tips for a Smooth Recovery

Your surgeon will provide detailed instructions, tailored to the type of breast augmentation surgery you had. However, here are four general tips for a smooth recovery.

  1. Make sure you have help for routine chores for at least the first 24 – 72 hours, and plan on not doing any heavy lifting for from four to six weeks.
  2. Most women have some soreness immediately after surgery, but not all feel as if they require pain medication. To be on the safe side, however, fill your prescription for pain medication prior to your surgery, so you have it on hand should you need it.
  3. Rest and sleep are critical to the healing process. Have everything you might need—books, the remote, plenty of pillows and blankets ready and within easy reach.
  4. Stock the refrigerator with light, healthy foods that are easy and quick to prepare. Also ensure you have plenty of water to drink to aid in healing and avoid dehydration, a common side effect of surgery.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation can enhance a woman’s femininity and raise her self-esteem. If you are dissatisfied with the size, shape, or appearance of your breasts, something can be done about it at Athenix Body Sculpting Institute. We work with you to achieve realistic and beautiful results.

Whether you feel that your breasts are too small, too large, asymmetrical, or sagging, our plastic surgeons can tailor a procedure to give you beautiful breasts that look and feel like genuine breasts. Contact our office to schedule a free consultation with our plastic surgeon to discuss your breast augmentation treatment goals.

Breast Augmentation FAQ

What can I expect in a breast augmentation surgery?

Your procedure will be a customized surgery, with a treatment plan to address all the issues you want to resolve. It will involve creating a surgical pocket into which the breast implant will be placed, either saline or silicone, in the shape and size that will best suit your body.

How long does breast augmentation take to perform?

A breast augmentation surgery typically requires between one to two hours to complete. In some cases, a breast lift is added to the procedure which may require a little longer.

What is the recovery time after breast augmentation?

A typical recovery time is about one to two weeks. The extent of your procedure and the type of incisions varies from patient to patient, and some patients feel ready to get back to work within only a week or so.

Is there a scarless breast augmentation?

Modern surgical techniques allow for fat transfer breast augmentation which is essentially scarless. For saline breast implants, which are filled after placement, the incision can be placed in the fold of the armpit.

How will I know how my new breasts will look?

We help our patients to visualize what different sizes and shapes will look like with an imaging system, which is extremely helpful in choosing the most appealing size, shape and projection for implants.

What is fat transfer breast augmentation?

This is a procedure involving harvesting excess fat from another body area, purifying it, and injecting into the breasts to create more natural volume. It has advantages, as the fat cells transferred are your own, and the body has no problem accepting them. This is a great method for subtle breast augmentation, rather than a more extreme size enhancement – you can gain about one cup size.

What types of incisions are used in breast augmentation?

The incisions used are based upon the type of implant and the needs of the patient. The incisions are typically placed in the fold beneath the breast where once healed, they are barely visible and completely invisible in even low-cut clothing.

What breast augmentation technique is the best?

The technique that is the “best” is the one that is best for you, the level of enhancement you want, and the type of implants. There is no one-size-fits-all in breast augmentation. To find out what our highly-skilled plastic surgeons recommend, we offer a free case consultation at the Athenix clinic.

How is the right size of breast implant selected?

This is a very important part of the process, as you want your surgery to achieve exactly what you envision in size and shape. We take a great deal of time in the process of selecting breast implants, as we want our patients to be thrilled with the outcome of the augmentation. It is based upon your figure and the size of breasts that will bring you greater self-confidence in your appearance.

What is the difference between saline and silicone breast implants?

Silicone implants have a very natural feel and weight, while saline implants require a smaller incision, as these are filled after being placed in the surgical pocket. Each has pros and cons, but generally saline implants are more successful for women who have a little more natural breast tissue.

How long before I can go back to my usual exercise routine?

You will need to wait for about six weeks before engaging in any vigorous physical activity. It is important that no stress is put upon the incisions while healing. You will be given the okay to return to your usual exercise routine by your plastic surgeon when it is appropriate for you.

How long do I need to take off work?

Most patients take at least a week to ten days if they have a job that doesn’t entail reaching, lifting, or other types of motions. For that type of employment, you will need more days away from work.

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