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No matter how beautiful your breasts were to begin with, time, life, and gravity inevitably take their toll. Many women find their breasts slowly drooping and losing their shape and firmness over time. A breast lift is a surgical procedure designed to raise and lift sagging breasts, to regain a perky profile that enhances not only a woman’s shape, but can bring about improved confidence and sense of self.

Custom Tailored Breast Lift

At Athenix in Fresno, we work one on one with our patients to understand the outcome they envision, to achieve attractive, shapely, breasts that appear natural and balanced with the rest of the body. As every person’s anatomy is unique, we custom tailor each breast lift in Fresno to fit a woman’s individual body. Our surgeons can perform a procedure that elevates the nipples and areolas and breast tissue for a more youthful profile.

What Causes Sagging Breasts?

Proper nutrition, maintaining a healthy weight, and exercise to tone the underlying muscles can help delay and stave off saggy breasts – to a point. Caring for your body, eating right and exercise is not always enough to avoid droopy breasts. Various factors contribute to loss of skin elasticity and subsequent sagging, and a breast lift procedure is geared address this undesirable condition. Factors that contribute to drooping breasts include:

  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding: Hormonal changes during pregnancy and breastfeeding cause breasts to become larger and change in size and shape. When they become significantly smaller after breastfeeding is over, the breasts may droop or appear deflated. A breast lift can help restore them to their original position and appearance.
  • Weight fluctuations: When a woman loses a substantial amount of weight, fat in the breast tissue is often the first to go. Although significant weight loss can be the healthy choice, as well as enhancing your appearance, it can leave you with breasts that now droop and sag. Skin and structures that support the breasts may have stretched with significant weight gain. A custom tailored breast lift procedure at Athenix can correct this problem.
  • Heredity: Because of genetic factors beyond our control, some breasts are naturally less high, firm, and rounded than others. If you were born with breasts that tended to appear droopy, a breast lift can help you to improve on what nature gave you.
  • Time and gravity: Women with smaller breasts may suffer less from the effects of gravity, but eventually time takes a toll on almost every woman. Cooper’s ligaments – the connective tissue in the breasts naturally stretches over time, and the breasts begin to sag and lose their shape. A breast lift can restore a more youthful, alluring appearance to the breasts.

Regain Your Feminine Curves

Women in the 21st Century are fortunate. We have options to correct what life and time has done to our bodies. If pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight fluctuations, or the years passing have made your feminine curves less appealing, cosmetic procedures are available to help you regain that youthful, fresh profile.

A breast lift can correct a number of undesirable conditions, including:

  • Sagging or pendulous breasts
  • Loss of breast volume
  • Loss of fullness in the upper breasts
  • Loss of firmness
  • Unattractive cleavage appearance
  • Downwards facing nipples

Breast Lift Procedure

In your breast lift, excess skin is removed to make the breasts higher and firmer. A breast lift alone does not change the size of the breasts, but it can be performed in conjunction with a breast augmentation for patients who also want larger breasts. Our board-certified plastic surgeon will carefully take measurements and discuss the various types of lifts to determine which approach will achieve your individual wishes.

The breast lift procedures we perform are truly custom-tailored to each patient. Our board-certified plastic surgeon will carefully evaluate your individual anatomy to determine the correct incision placement to give you the most appealing outcome. The best type of breast lift procedure for you will depend on how much breast tissue you have, how far your nipples have descended, and the condition of the underlying muscle structure in your chest. Take a look at the illustrations below to learn more about various options for breast lift procedure incision placement.

Breast Lift with Breast Augmentation

If you want a somewhat more dramatic effect than a breast lift alone can provide, breast augmentation performed concurrently with a breast lift can give you fuller, firmer, higher breasts. On the other hand, if you are happy with your breast volume and just want them restored and lifted to their former position, a breast lift may be the only procedure you need.

A breast lift procedure takes a few hours. It is performed under general anesthesia in our state-of-the-art ambulatory surgical facility. Recovery time is generally a few days to a week and, depending on the type of work you do, you may return to work and daily activities within a week or so after the surgery.

Benefits of a Breast Lift

After pregnancy and breastfeeding, or due to the natural aging process and genetic factors, many women want to turn back the clock and restore the high, firm, perky breasts they once had. Although no one can turn back time, a breast lift can do wonders to your overall appearance and general feelings of wellbeing.

Exercising and taking proper care of your body are important in trying to delay the inevitable. Nevertheless, the effects of life, time, and gravity can have consequences for the breasts that can only be corrected with a breast lift procedure, with or without a saline or silicone gel implant for breast augmentation.

Benefits of a breast lift procedure include:

  • Breasts that project more
  • Increased cleavage
  • More youthful nipple position
  • Better proportion of breasts to buttocks
  • Higher, firmer breasts
  • Ability to go braless, wear plunging necklines, or bikini tops when desired

Transform Your Breasts

If your breasts are droopy or look saggy and old, you can regain your youthful, perky shape with a breast lift in Fresno at Athenix. Restoring breast profile enhances not only a woman’s shape, but can bring about improved feelings of confidence and wellbeing.

The first step to a better bust line is to schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss what our board-certified plastic surgeons can do for you. Call our Fresno office at 888-276-1535. A breast lift may be the cosmetic procedure you need to restore your youthful feminine curves and improve your self-image.

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