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Brazilian Butt Lift in Fresno

Brazilian Butt Lift Fresno

Not everyone was born with a prominent derriere. Many people come to Athenix because they want to enhance the size, shape and appearance of their behind to create a more attractive body shape. Whether you believe your behind is too flat, too small, or you just want to give it a more rounded, perky appeal, a Brazilian butt lift could be the answer you have been looking for.

The beauty of a Brazilian butt lift is that it does more for the patient more than augment and reshape the buttocks. In this comprehensive body sculpting procedure, excess fat is transferred from the lower back, abdomen, waist, or thighs to the buttocks and hips, to create a more substantial, rounded bottom. This means patients also benefit from a trimmer figure while adding to their butt.

Sculpting Beautiful Bodies

At Athenix Body Sculpting Institute in Fresno, CA, we focus on reshaping, sculpting, and enhancing your natural body shape. Our highly skilled Fresno Brazilian butt lift, board-certified plastic surgeons will carefully evaluate your anatomy and design a procedure tailored to your unique body structure. Not only can this procedure give you a more rounded behind through shaping and augmenting, it has the added advantage of removing unwanted fat deposits on other areas of the body.

Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

The Brazilian butt lift is a buttocks augmentation procedure that can reshape and enhance the size of the buttocks. The procedure is a three-part process:

  • First fat is harvested from stubborn fat areas of the body that do not respond well to diet and exercise. Our board-certified plastic surgeons use VASER® Liposuction to gently and selectively dislodge fat cells with ultrasound waves, without the severe bruising, bleeding, and swelling commonly experienced with traditional liposuction. This process enables natural fat transfers, because the fat cells are not damaged or destroyed when they are removed.
  • Next, the fat is purified in a decanting and centrifugation process. Only the best donor fat cells are re-injected into the buttocks for augmentation. Typically, no more than 25% of the extracted fat cells will qualify.
  • Finally, the fat is transferred into different areas of the buttocks and hips, at various depths, with multiple injections using special cannulas (metal tubes for insertion into the body), to augment, reshape, and create a more shapely, rounded derriere.

Brazilian Butt Lift: Minimally Invasive Procedure for a Round, Firm Butt

This is a minimally invasive procedure. Small fat particles are collected, using slender cannulas, which are also used for injecting the harvested, purified fat into the upper area of the buttocks. Scarring and discomfort are minimal. Only small incisions are made as an entry point for fat transfer into the area, so there is less risk for the patient. The Brazilian butt lift is safer than implants for buttocks augmentation, as it involves the use of your own body’s fat material – a perfect match.

What to Expect After a Brazilian Butt Lift

Recovery time following your Fresno Brazilian butt lift surgery is approximately 2 weeks. Although the after effects are not exceptionally painful, it is normal to experience some soreness. Time spent sitting should be kept to a minimum for approximately two weeks after the surgery, and to speed healing, you will need to sleep on your stomach.

Begin walking the same day as the surgery if possible to help reduce any risk of complications, and to assist with circulation. You will need to wear a compression garment for 6 weeks after the procedure.

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

The ideal candidate for this procedure is a person in good health with adequate donor fat deposits in other areas of the body to provide enough fat to create more prominent, rounded buttocks. Candidates who may benefit from a Brazilian butt lift include individuals with small, flat, sagging, or asymmetrical buttocks, and those whose have lost the firm, rounded shape after a significant weight loss.

Brazilian Butt Lift Produces Permanent Results

The majority of patients can expect to retain most of the buttocks fat volume gained in a Brazilian butt lift permanently. Although some of the transferred fat can be reabsorbed by the body over time, the fat remaining approximately six months after the surgery can be considered to be permanent. Fat transferred in this procedure behaves the same as any fat present naturally in the body. You can expect changes in size by gaining or losing weight, just as you do with the rest of your body.

Benefits of a Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian butt lift is an increasingly popular body sculpting procedure with many significant advantages, including:

  • Rounder, perkier buttocks
  • Shapelier hips
  • More pleasing silhouette and body contour
  • Options of dramatic, moderate, or conservative augmentation
  • Minimally invasive
  • Safest buttock augmentation method
  • Virtually no chance of rejection of your body’s own fat
  • Plumps up the behind while reducing other parts of the body
  • Dramatic, long lasting improvement
  • Soft, natural looking and feeling results

At Athenix Body Sculpting Institute, safety is our priority. Our primary goal is to create natural, attractive results, and to give each patient the most pleasant treatment experience possible. If you wish you had a more rounded, full, or more prominent behind, the Brazilian butt lift may be the right option for you. Call us to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our skilled, board-certified plastic surgeons.

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