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What is Smart Lipo?

Smart Lipo is a form of liposuction that uses laser technology to destroy fat cells. The energy from the laser liquefies the fat, and the surgeon suctions out this material through a small tube called a cannula.

Athenix Body Sculpting Institute does not offer patients in Orange County Smart Lipo using laser techniques. While the technology has benefits that traditional liposuction doesn’t, our surgeons recommend VASER® and the Body-Jet® instead for the advantages these approaches offer.

Benefits of Smart Lipo

In a typical liposuction procedure, a surgeon makes an incision and inserts a saw-like cannula. He or she uses the cannula to tear away and suction out fat. This process can damage the surrounding tissues and create bruising, swelling, and bleeding during recovery. It also gives the surgeon less control over the final outcome of the body’s contour.

Because laser technology is less invasive, Orange County Smart Lipo patients may have a shorter recovery than with typical liposuction:

  •     Instead of tearing away fat, surgeons liquefy and melt the tissue.
  •     Smart Lipo can target fat better than traditional liposuction.
  •     Surgeons can more accurately sculpt liposuction target sites.

However, just because Smart Lipo offers advantages over traditional liposuction doesn’t mean you should settle for this approach, especially when there are other technologies that can improve your results.

Vaser Liposuction & Body-Jet

Instead of Smart Lipo, Athenix offers patients new and more advanced approaches to liposuction: VASER® and Body-Jet®.

With VASER, your Athenix surgeon uses a small cannula and ultrasound frequencies to remove fat cells gently and selectively. Similarly, Body-Jet is water-assisted liposuction that delicately dislodges and eliminates fat.

VASER and Body-Jet:

  •     Don’t have the same risk that Smart Lipo has of burning the surrounding skin and tissue (since neither use lasers).
  •     Produce smoother results. Our surgeons prefer VASER and Body-Jet for the degree of control they offer in body contouring procedures.
  •     Make it possible for your Athenix surgeon to transfer your fat to another area of your body. This allows him or her to sculpt fuller, more natural features for the face, buttocks, or breasts. Unlike VASER and Body-Jet, Smart Lipo destroys fat cells, eliminating the possibility of using them for natural fat transfer.

Not every liposuction procedure is equal. Choose the approach that can give you greater flexibility in fat transfer, an easier recovery, and more effective results.

If you have been exploring Smart Lipo providers and want to learn more about the benefits of VASER and Body-Jet, contact us at any of our following locations: Bellevue, Fresno, Irvine, Pasadena or Portland.

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