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Top 3 Body Contouring Procedures

When diet and exercise efforts have been tried, tried again, and then exhausted, it can feel as achieving your dream figure is completely out of reach. However, modern medical technology and micro-body contouring techniques can open the doors that were once blocked by frustration and discouragement. Physicians at Athenix use these top three procedures to sculpt your body’s contours.


Micro-Body Contouring

Micro-body contouring removes fat cells to refine the silhouette of a patient’s body. Those areas of unwanted fat are often difficult to get rid of. This technique stands apart from the invasive, traditional liposuction by utilizing advanced therapies such as VASER liposuction.

With the use of VASER lipo technology, fat is softly dislodged and removed. The gentle nature of this removal process, allows fat cells to remain unharmed and even possibly used again for natural fat transfer. This allows for a superior patient experience with, less downtime, and better results.


Tummy Tuck

For most adults, excess skin around the stomach is a creator of insecurity and lowered self-confidence. Tummy tuck treatments create a firmer and flatter stomach by removing loose skin. Having a tummy tuck procedure also achieves more for the body by tightening the abdominal wall muscles that have become stretched or separated due to pregnancy or aging.

Common Reasons To Get A Tummy Tuck

  • Heredity
  • Pregnancy
  • Age
  • Weight fluctuations
  • Prior surgery

There are several tummy tuck procedures, such as the mini tummy tuck and the complete tummy tuck. Each technique is determined by evaluating a patient’s individual situation and the amount of excess abdominal skin. After the evaluation, your physician will provide the best approach that can help you achieve optimal results.


Breast Augmentation

This curve enhancing cosmetic procedure adds volume to the breasts that are smaller than a woman desires. It can also be used to improve issues, including breast asymmetry and breast volume loss due to pregnancy or aging.

The type of breast implant material, size, texture, and shape are all customized to meet an individual’s unique anatomy and desired appearance


Body Contouring Consultation

From the sculpting power of micro-body contouring, to the enhancing impact of breast implants, each cosmetic procedure offers different advantages to the figure. At Athenix Body in Fresno, we will evaluate your specific situation in order to provide you with the results that meet your goals. Athenix offers a variety of Body Contouring services at the following locations: Bellevue, Fresno, Irvine, Pasadena or Portland.

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