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Do I Need a Breast Revision?

Occasionally, a little rejuvenation is necessary. The process of achieving a desired look is sometimes just that: a process. For women who have had a breast augmentation in the past, breast revision surgery allows for certain modification. One might wonder why revision would be necessary, so let’s have a look at common reasons for this procedure.

Capsular Contracture

A major reason for breast revision is due to possible complications from the first surgery. And capsular contracture is one of those complications. The issue arises when scar tissue squeezes the implant and becomes hard. This does not occur in every patient, and is unpredictable as to why some women experience this and others do not. However, it is fairly common and can be corrected through various techniques.

Breast Implant Rupture

Breast implant rupture is another reason why patients seek revision. This complication is a risk for both saline and silicone implants, but more easily noticed with the saline option as the breast will obviously change shape quickly. Reasons for ruptures can vary, but sometimes result due to a surgical mistake or a patient fall.

Other Reasons for Breast Revision

Women can also turn to this procedure because they are unhappy with their original implants. Reasons for this dissatisfaction may include:

  • Change of implant size preferences
  • Poor implant placement
  • Fluctuations in breast shape and volume due to weight changes

Breast Revisions with Athenix

At Athenix, we use the most advanced technology to help each patient achieve their ultimate body or look. Contact our breast revisions specialists in Bellevue, Fresno, Irvine, Pasadena or Portland for a consultation today!

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