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3 Tips to Reduce Tummy Tuck Swelling

Loose and sagging abdominal skin can be an unwelcome aftereffect of gastric bypass surgery, a major weight loss, or the test of time. Many Bellevue patients turn to tummy tucks, or abdominoplasty, in order to remove that jiggle from their middle. As a result, they have enjoyed the appearance of a firmer, tighter stomach. However, before ultimately crossing this finish line, one thing that is inevitably experienced is post-op swelling.

Why Do Tummy Tuck Patients Get Swollen?

Although it’s increasingly popular, and although it may produce great benefits to a figure’s aesthetics, a tummy tuck is, after all a surgical procedure. During this surgery, lymphatic channels are disrupted, and due to this factor the body's natural response is to swell. Most likely, along with viewing before & after tummy tuck photos and discussing expectations, patients are informed that swelling may occur. What can be somewhat difficult to deal with is that for some this occurrence may last anywhere from several days to several weeks.

Try This to Reduce Swelling from a Tummy Tuck

So what can you yourself do to reduce this effect during your recovery? Here are the top three things that can help to simmer down the swell:

  1. Avoid Salt & Stay Hydrated – High sodium intake can cause fluid retention, and can be counterproductive in attempts to reduce abdominal swelling. However, by making sure to drink enough water, you can possibly decrease swelling, as well as prevent post-op constipation.
  2. Compress It – Wearing a compression garment as recommended by your plastic surgeon, can help the swelling go down and even provide additional support.
  3. Engage in Activity – Rest for recovery is vitally important, but light walking and gentle stretching can stimulate circulation and help to reduce swelling. Be careful though, more strenuous actions can have the opposite effect.

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If you are considering a tummy tuck, there's no doubt you'll have questions about surgery expectations and aftercare issues like swelling. Obtaining a skilled plastic surgeon who provides you detailed care will help to ensure the best results for your body.

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