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Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery

Athenix Difference

At The Athenix Body Sculpting Institute, we take our responsibility very seriously when it comes to cosmetic and plastic surgery. Our philosophy is focused on safety, results and care. We staff highly qualified cosmetic and plastic surgeons and use the most advanced technology in the field.

Before any cosmetic or plastic surgery procedure, you will meet with your physician to review your medical history and have blood work done. We carefully assess your requests and set realistic expectations for the results you can achieve from your cosmetic and plastic surgery. Your body is your personal work of art and our advanced treatments empower you to achieve your ideal results.

Our cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures are nationally recognized as some of the best in the country. Athenix has been featured on news outlets such as ABC, NBC, FOX and many more. We stay up to date on safety, trends and technology to remain the top choice for cosmetic and plastic surgery on the west coast.

Our Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Philosophy

Safety First Our first priority in any of our cosmetic or plastic surgery treatments is your safety. This guides all of the decisions we make, the technologies we use and the treatments we provide at Athenix. These are medical procedures and we follow strict protocol: Medical Assessment—Before any cosmetic and plastic surgery procedure, you will meet with your physician to review your medical hist...

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Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Safety

Your cosmetic and plastic surgery safety is our priority Athenix physicians have developed strict safety procedures to ensure your safety when undergoing cosmetic and plastic surgery: Our on-site, state-of-the-art surgery centers are fully accredited or licensed and meet rigorous safety requirements. Surgical patients must undergo a medical assessment and pre-op lab work and blood tests. Surgical...

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Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Center

Beautifully safe cosmetic & plastic surgery center Fully accredited or licensed cosmetic and plastic surgery centers State-of-the-art cosmetic and plastic surgery instrumentation and equipment Private and relaxing environment The Athenix Institute was created to ensure you have a safe, discreet and professional cosmetic and plastic surgery experience. All of our procedures are performed onsit...

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Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Technology

VASER® VASER® is a safer, gentler alternative to traditional liposuction. This less-invasive body sculpting treatment uses ultrasound energy to safely dislodge fat. The treatment causes less bruising, bleeding and swelling, and you will remain awake throughout the procedure, which makes recovery faster. Our doctors prefer this method over standard liposuction because it causes less tissue trauma...

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